Lauren Crist has a problem. Her Los Angeles home is too small to house all of the animals she desires to rescue and keep. She dreams of acreage and a farm. However, for the time being, she cares for 5 rescued dachshunds, 2 parrots, more African Softbills in an aviary than she cares to count, 5 chickens and a reef aquarium. 

In March of 2014, she attended her first bird taxidermy class at Prey Taxidermy in downtown Los Angeles, taught by Allis Markham. It was all downhill from there. They became fast friends and started their codependent bird addiction. Also, having kept living birds for so long, Lauren has a unique understanding of birds and their silly bird anatomy. It is a joyous and harmonious union. Probably more so than most human cis gender marriages. 

It should also be noted that Lauren has a BFA in Film from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as a regular full time job as an animation editor for Walt Disney Television Animation. Lauren hopes her freezer full of dead birds and supply of scalpel blades is enough to keep the psychopaths away. Here’s to hoping.